Give yourself MORE nourishment

Give yourself MORE confidence

Give yourself MORE energy

Give yourself MORE freedom

Give yourself MORE connection

With my signature MORE Method, you’ll learn to appreciate that diets and health are not black and white. And it’s OK (and pretty wonderful) to live in the grey.


Moderate your diet to find a realistic and enjoyable way of eating.


Optimize your mindset to find peace and contentment with food.


Restore connection with your body to optimize self-care.


Elevate your self-confidence to appreciate your body.

Options are good

Let’s see which program will best meet your needs

Are you looking for…

  • A longer-term program where you’ll be held accountable?
  • Guidance to overcome disordered eating patterns?
  • Support to give up dieting for good?
  • Baseline and endpoint measures to measure your success?
  • Monthly progress reviews to help you stay motivated?
  • Email support between sessions?

The MORE Method Intensive is for you.

Would you like…

  • A short-term program to help you get started?
  • Guidance to overcome disordered eating patterns?
  • Support to give up dieting for good?




A Taste of The MORE Method is for you.

Signature Program

The MORE Method Intensive

4 Month, 1:1 Program

This program is ideal if you’re a life long dieter, or struggling with disordered eating and ready to reclaim your life.


This intensive program includes a deep‑dive into meal planning, mindful eating, self‑care, self‑connection, and self‑compassion. Appropriate for those who are waiting to start hospital-based eating disorder treatment and for those who are looking for continued recovery support after discharge from a higher level of care.


Introduction: 60 minute initial consultation
Intensive: Fourteen, 45 minute sessions
Wrap-Up: 45 minute final call


$490 per month

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Full Program Outline




Sample Session Topics:

Custom meal planning

Meal timing and balance

Food rules

Fear foods



Sample Session Topics:

Eating for satisfaction

Middle path thinking

Comparison traps

Re-defining health

Emotional eating



Sample Session Topics:

Food identity

Quieting your inner critic

Joyful movement

Interoceptive awareness

Mindful eating



Sample Session Topics:

Body acceptance

Eating with confidence

Gentle nutrition

Sustainable change

Wondering if The MORE Method Intensive is the right fit?

 a taste of

The MORE Method

2 Month, 1:1 Program

This program is ideal if you’re wanting support with Intuitive Eating or a quick food freedom tune-up.


This is the ‘light’ version of The MORE Method Intensive. Best for those who are looking for an introduction to Intuitive Eating. May be appropriate for those who have recovered from an eating disorder.


Introduction: 60 minute initial consultation
Intensive: Six, 45 minute sessions
Wrap-Up: 30 minute final call


$480 per month

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Frequently asked questions

How do virtual sessions work?

During a virtual nutrition counseling session, you will meet with me face-to-face over a video call from the comfort of your own home using a secure PHIPA compliant telehealth platform called OWL Practice. As part of the onboarding process, you will set up a client portal through OWL where you will be able to manage your upcoming appointments and securely message me.

Do my work benefits cover your services?

Dietitian services are covered by some employee health plans. If you have an employee health plan, check with your individual provider about coverage for nutrition counseling services by a registered dietitian. Please take note that some plans may distinguish between in-person and virtual nutrition counseling.

Do you bill my insurance company directly?

I do not provide direct billing for virtual nutrition counseling. Once billing for services is complete, I will gladly provide you with the documentation required to submit to your insurance provider so you may be reimbursed.

I don’t live in Canada, can I still book with you?

Sorry, no.  As regulated health professional registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario, my license allows me to provide 1:1 coaching services to Canadians located in Ontario only. 

If you are interested in future online course offerings and group coaching services that will be available to participants worldwide, please subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

I’m not sure about committing to the 4 month program. Do you offer any shorter 1:1 packages?

Yes – A Taste of The MORE Method is the ‘light’ version of the 4 month Intensive.

Healing your relationship with food and recovering from disordered eating requires months, and sometimes even years of focused work. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to erase the effects of years of dieting in just a few weeks. By making a commitment of 4 months, you’ll be more likely to stick with the process and follow through with the work it takes to see positive changes to your diet, lifestyle, and relationship with food. 

A taste of The MORE Method (2 month program) is a good place to start if you are interested in an introduction to my teaching framework and process. If you would like help deciding which program would be best for your unique needs, Book A Call with me!

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Because I  believe that quality care should be accessible to all, I offer sliding scale rates for marginalized groups and those experiencing financial hardship. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you feel you may qualify.

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