Feel good about food

Start living your best, most nourished life today. Because eating should be about self-care, not self-control.

It’s time to…

Step out from under the dark cloud of diet failure.

Trust yourself and feel confident that your food choices support your health.

Give yourself the care and love that you deserve.

Are you ready to

Begin a journey toward a nourished life that’s free from food rules?

What if you could keep your favorite foods in the house and know that you could eat mindfully, and feel satisfied instead of guilty? Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing someone who is happy, confident, energized, and full of life.

You’ve wanted it for so long, and I want it for you too! I want you to be free from the weight of constant thoughts about food and your body – and start living your best, most nourished life today.

Are you ready to

Give yourself MORE…

  • Nourishment to support your health and wellness?
  • Confidence to live your life to the fullest?
  • Energy to do the things you’ve missed out on for too long?
  • Freedom to enjoy all foods?
  • Connection with your mind and body?

Signature Program

The MORE Method

We help our clients transform into the best version of themselves, where food is just one part of the picture – not the whole picture. We work together to unpack, process, and re-wire beliefs about health, diet, body image, and self-worth. During each session, we will help you learn to reconnect with yourself and rebuild a much healthier relationship with food.

We created a step-by-step framework that will guide you through the work of letting go of control and leaning in to connection. We call it The MORE Method. The MORE method will help you to:


Moderate your diet to find a more realistic and enjoyable way of eating that you can sustain for the rest of your life


Optimize both your diet and your mindset, so you’ll glow from the inside out


Restore connection to your body, and compassion for yourself, in this diet-obsessed world


Elevate your self-confidence and self-trust so you can level up in life


Our philosophy and approach

As nutrition therapists, our philosophy and approach is based on the concept of intuitive eating. It’s an evidence-based, weight-inclusive, self-care eating framework.

The intuitive eating approach focuses on healthy living instead of weight-focused goals. It teaches you how to identify and trust what your body needs – and balance those needs with your health goals.

About the founder

I’m Alida

An Ontario, Canada-based registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, and recovering people-pleaser/ perfectionist.

I’m so glad you’re here!

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